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Kieran Nicholls

It is projects like those celebrated that will help encourage people to open up about their difficulties and that can be a massive turning point in their lives.

Charlie Mills

Mental health is something which affects so many of us, whether it is ourselves, a family member or a friend. Even though it affects so many, it is spoken about by so few, that is why I am supporting the awards.

Gemma Gordon

These awards help encourage people to ask for help and experience the beauty of recovery.

Gabby Logan

It is vital we consider mental health in the same way we consider physical health. I’m all for looking after our bodies, our heart, being fit and strong, but there’s no point if everything on the outside works, but inside we have issues that we can’t...

Stephen Fry

Mental health difficulties affect us all at some point, so it’s wonderful to see awards that celebrate people who have an impact on people’s well-being.